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Trucks Overview

Custom Trucks, Engineered to Last

Your investment in a custom truck has to pay off in long-lasting value to your business. Jasper Tank builds that long-lasting value into every custom truck manufactured at our facility. Every step of our manufacturing process results in trucks that offer a long lifetime of dependable, trouble-free operations. The proof is in the product!

Our trucks show the benefits of a completely handmade manufacturing process. In choosing skilled labour over robotics, we ensure more complete customization and attention to the details of your specifications – and we also support our local and national economy, a win-win all around.

Why Choose a Jasper Tank?

You get what you pay for. It is not uncommon in our industry to find that shortcuts are taken to lessen the cost of the product – unfortunately, those shortcuts also lower the quality of the vehicle that’s delivered to you. We choose not to take shortcuts and our loyal customers know the value that we have built into every truck we build. Here are just some of the features unique to a Jasper Tank truck which make our trucks stand out from the competition. In each of the photos below, you can see for yourself the difference between trucks made by others in our industry on the left and the white Jasper tanks on the right.

On a Jasper Tank truck, our electrical is run through stress connectors, insulating wiring from damage. Your lights won’t shut off when you need them most, from rubbing on sharp edges on poorly cut holes. See the difference? The wiring on the yellow tank made elsewhere is run directly between unfinished metal edges. The wiring on the white Jasper tank is securely routed for a stable power supply.

stress connectorsCompetitor
stress connectorsJasper Tank
Our plumbing is completely welded and secured in place, ensuring your product doesn’t leak from rubbing due to vibrations and your cabinets do not fill with the elements through poorly sealed openings.

See the difference? The leakage around the joints in the pipes on the yellow tank made elsewhere indicates leakage. The pristine condition of the white Jasper tank is due to the tightly welded and sealed plumbing.

 Jasper Tank
We ensure the long life and good working condition of your expensive hydraulic system, building it within the safety of your cabinet, away from the elements and high velocity debris.

See the difference? The sensitive hydraulics on the blue truck (not made by Jasper Tank) are exposed. The hydraulics cabinet on the white Jasper Tank shields the system from ice, snow and flying gravel.

 Jasper Tank
We spare no expense to ensure that you get the best paint job possible. Our long-lasting paint finish outlasts our competitors’ and we don’t cut corners by painting only the visible surface.

See the difference? The 3-year-old yellow tank painted elsewhere is already showing rust and corrosion; The 7-year-old white Jasper tank shows no rust even at the joints. Which one has retained its value? You be the judge.

 Competitor 3 years
stress connectorsJasper Tank 7 years

We take every precaution to ensure your Jasper Tank product will stand the test of time. Many of our tanks are still on the road, the workhorses that deliver time after time, even after 25 years.

Inspections & Repairs

We will keep your truck in top condition!

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