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TC 407

TC 407: Transporting Flammable Liquids across Western Canada

TC 407 and TC 307 tanks are round tanks capable of operating at pressures of 138 kpa (20 psi), higher than the pressure set for TC406/306 tanks.


TC 407 and TC 307 trucks can be constructed to transport all flammable liquids, including more volatile packing group 1 liquids, sour crude oil and come corrosives such as hydrochloric acid. If we construct the tank out of stainless steel, this tank can haul anything.


The TC 407 and TC 307 require an External Visual Inspection and Leak Test (VK) every year and an External Visual Inspection, Internal Visual Inspection, Leak Test and Pressure Test (VIKP) every 5 years. Please note that if you are hauling corrosives, a Thickness Test must be performed yearly.

Contact Jasper Tank to customize a TC 407 tank for your transport needs.

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