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Custom Work

Custom Tanks Designed at Edmonton Facility

At Jasper Tank we don’t just build tanks! We can meet any requirement you need, we can solve any problem you have, we can build just about anything you can think of, for any customer. We will work with you on every detail, from the internal plumbing to the external colours and finish before creating drawings and technical specs for your new tank.

Once the drawings are approved by our Certified Engineer, we source raw materials of exceptional quality that will allow us to build a cost-effective and durable tank. The manufacturing process is also overseen and approved by our Certified Engineer, and we take every precaution to ensure that the materials are carefully prepared for welding and installation of the specific options you’ve selected. Once the tank is built, it is disassembled so that our paint shop technicians can do two applications of the internal and external coatings you’ve selected to prevent rust and impact damage and extend the life of your new custom Jasper tank.

Before any tank leaves our facility, it must pass our meticulous quality control inspection. Even after you take ownership of your new Jasper tank, we encourage you to let us do the ongoing maintenance and inspections to ensure that the people who know your tank best keep it in top condition. We will help you get the best return on your investment in a custom Jasper Tank!

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