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Highest Quality, Eco-friendly Painting

Jasper Tank’s paint shop is staffed by a highly skilled group of technicians equipped with the most up-to-date equipment. Working in tandem with our state-of-the-art in-house blasting facility allows us to work efficiently and in an environmentally responsible manner using reusable steel shot median. We take exceptional care to ensure that your Jasper Tank is fully protected from rust and delivered to you with a finish that stands up to rugged terrain. Whether it’s painting your new tank or repainting your old tank, coating or recoating, Jasper Tank can satisfy all your painting needs.

At Jasper Tank, we know that the only way to maintain our high quality and industry-leading standards is to do the work ourselves. That’s why we don’t outsource our painting and we won’t ask you to find a paint shop to finish your custom tank. All of our painting is done in-house where we can guarantee an automotive paint finish which will stand the test of time.

Automotive Finish vs. Industrial Finish

Your custom Jasper tank is also a mobile advertisement for your business. That’s why our Paint Department uses rugged Endura paint that can be mixed for exactly the colours and applications you want. We want your brand to be recognized and clearly visible on work sites and on the road.

The high-quality automotive finish we achieve in our paint shop is just one of the many things that set your Jasper tank above all the rest. While many manufacturers complete their vehicles with an industrial finish, we take the extra steps to ensure the highest quality and longest lasting paint job possible. Your unit will look crisp and clean for years to come, ensuring that your vehicle reflects well on your business.

Protecting Your Finish

Jasper Tank uses industry standard LINE-X Rock Guard to protect our custom paint finish against abrasion and impact – even in the harsh off-road conditions of Northern Alberta. Your Jasper Tank will look new for a long time, reflecting well on your business and minimizing down time.

Internal Coatings

Your custom Jasper tank is built to match your business needs. Materials and coatings are carefully matched to what you are intending to transport in your Jasper tank. Whether your tank will be delivering potable water, methanol or acids, we provide you a wide range of internal coating options that will keep your products uncontaminated and your tank in good condition.

Repainting & Repair

The rest of your vehicle should live up to your shiny new Jasper tank. Let our paint shop take care of repainting full bodies, including the truck cab, to make the entire vehicle look new. We also offer fiberglass repairs!

Custom painted truck tank

Any color, Any way

Our in-house paint shop will give you exactly the colours you want, applied exactly how you wish. We use Endura paint for
a high-quality, durable automotive finish.



Your paint job will withstand impact and abrasion in rugged environments with LINE-X Rock Guard coating. Keep your tank looking

inside of tank


Protect your tank with the right internal coating – we offer you a wide selection of coatings to suit your business needs.

Inspections & Repairs

We will keep your truck in top condition!

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