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TC 406 Crude

TC 406 Crude: Built to Last by Jasper Tank

TC 406 CRUDE and TC 306 CRUDE tanks are less versatile than their TC 406 & TC 306 counterparts. These units are designed solely for the transport of crude, oil, tars, asphalts, bitumen, cutbacks and water. The TC 406 CRUDE has undergone some design changes, such as the removal of internal automatic safety shut-off valves.


The specialized nature of these trucks means that they are not subject to annual inspections. External Visual Inspections and Leak Tests (VK) for TC 406 Crude and TC 306 CRUDE tanks are done every 2 ½ years, rather than yearly. The 5-year External Visual Inspection, Internal Visual Inspection, Leak Test and Pressure Test (VIKP) requirements remain unchanged.

Your Jasper Tank representative will be happy to help you select the tank appropriate to your business needs. Call us to make your choice.

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TC 406 Crude

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