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Tank Truck and Tank Trailer Manufacturing in Edmonton, Alberta

Jasper Tank is located in Acheson, Alberta, one of the largest industrial parks in Western Canada, just 10 minutes away from Edmonton. We are a full service center facility and manufacturer. After over 60 years, we always encourage a long after-sale relationship with our customers, and go the extra mile for new as well as long-time customers.

Our service staff and mechanics can offer full inspection services and repairs, ensuring that your truck or tank is compliant with Transportation Canada regulations as well as Alberta specific. This means that whether it is due to a repair or modification, or an expiring legal document, you hit the road with every piece of documentation you need to stay there

Painting, Inspections, and Repairing Services

Our wide range of services includes painting, inspecting and repairing tanks. We don’t outsource any painting work but complete it all in-house. The repair and maintenance services are handled by our knowledgeable staff and inspection are completed regularly to ensure that you are compliant with all provincial and federal regulations.

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