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About Us

Trailer and Tank Manufacturers in Alberta
Canada’s Leading Tank Manufacturer for Over 60 Years

Jasper Tank has been North America’s leading manufacturer of truck and trailer-mounted tanks for over 60 years. Our engineering and design departments are examples of our commitment to innovation and improvement.

Diverse Product Line Serving a Variety of Industries

At Jasper Tank, we use the highest grade steel to custom build your tank and the most stringent of production processes to ensure that high quality is built in from the very start. While we are widely known in the oil industry for the quality of our custom tanks, we serve customers from many other industries as well, all of whom depend on Jasper Tank’s experience, precision and attention to detail in custom truck and trailer manufacturing.

Custom Manufacturing: Built to Last, from the Beginning

With your first phone call to Jasper Tank you will be talking to our knowledgeable salesmen who will guide you through the process of custom manufacturing your dream tank. The conversation begins with discussing the product you are hauling, the pros and cons of each tank material, the options that are available and once all of the information is summed up, a quote will be offered.

Once approved, your tank order is handed to our in-house engineer who creates the drawing and schedules the production. From there, the material for your tank is ordered and the production process begins.

We are proud of our staff of skilled tradesmen who take pride in their craftsmanship. Once your tank is manufactured and assembled in its entirety, it is moved to the paint department where the tank is completely dismantled and each piece is painted twice in the custom colours and design of your choice. Where other companies may simply paint visible surfaces, we ensure that your custom Jasper Tank is fully protected from rust. The tank is then sent to the Final department where the unit is reassembled and all of the finishing touches are completed.

If you would like more information on our production process, check out our Engineering Approach page. We also encourage you to browse our online album of custom work already completed.

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