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Tank Inspections

Commercial Vehicle Inspections for Tanks & Trucks

Our highly experienced employees have brought their tank manufacturing knowledge into our inspection process, ensuring that your inspections are conducted by the most discerning and well-qualified inspectors in the industry. That depth of experience and understanding of the specifications gives our inspectors a decided edge over most of the inspections staff at TC-certified shops throughout Alberta. You will get the results of our inspection on comprehensive inspection forms created right out of the B620 guidelines, ensuring there will be no doubts and no questions asked.

A shiny tank

Here at Jasper Tank we are certified for the following inspections and repairs.

TC 406 
TC 407 
TC 412 
TC 306    
TC 307    
TC 312    
TC 350    
TANK SPECIFICATIONLining InspectionUpper Coupler InspectionFluorescent Mag. Particle InspectionThickness Test
Any Tank Type  

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