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Pressure Trucks

Jasper Tank Pressure Trucks – Performance under Pressure

Like our fuel trucks, Jasper Tank pressure trucks are a specialized version of the TC 406 code tanks. Usually used to haul methanol, these trucks can be outfitted with a wide range of high-pressure pumps, designed to operate anywhere from 100 psi to 25,000 psi.

Jasper Tank pressure trucks are widely used in the oil and natural gas industry for applications ranging from industrial cleaning and rig services such as run-ons and flushes to pipeline pressure testing. Fascinating to watch and fun to operate, Jasper Tank pressure trucks are visible and well known on Northern Alberta oilfields. Call us to build one for you!

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TC 406 Custom 4×4 Pressure Truck Rig-Up

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TC 407 Custom Pressure Truck Rig-Up

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