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MS Oval Non-Code Trailer

MS Oval Non-Code Trailer


This Tandem axle stiff pole pup tank is a single compartment, Non-code, Mild Steel tank. The 4″ plumbing includes 1 sump, and a discharge out the front
of the tank. The 3″ ventline exits at the rear of the tank and is vented to atmosphere. The sump includes a manual valve and ends with a camlock.

The Trailer is equipped with:

2 front safety chains

7-way and a 4-way receptacle

3″ Double Flat Bar Hose Holders c/w tie-down loops, 2 per side fender mounted

Side Float

Work lights are included and located:

Front of the tank: top of the tunnel both sides

Rear of the tank: Top of the tunnel both sides


  • Model: Non Code
  • Reference Number: I-8772
  • Capacity: 16000 +/- Litres
  • Compartments: One
  • Lighting: Incandescent Work and Clearance Lights
  • Product Pump: None
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