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MS Round TC 407

MS Round TC 407


This tandem axle truck tank is a single compartment, TC407 spec, mild steel tank with Internal coating consisting of Devoe 253. The 4″ plumbing includes a pump bypass, discharge out the rear of the cabinet, and a pupline exiting the rear of the unit. The front sump valve and the rear pupline valve both are heated using the Jasper Tank style heat donut to ensure the valves will not freeze. Included are heater line hookups for the pup trailer. All air switches are located in the DS cabinet. There are 2 ventlines exiting at the rear of the tank. Both include Air to spring valves (exiting the tank), and end with manual valves.

The truck is equipped with:

  • 1 front and 2 rear tow hooks located on the doghouse pintle hitch c/w a 7-way and a 4-way receptacle
  • Rear chain hangers
  • 3″ Double Flat Bar Hose Holders c/w tie-down loops, 3 per side fender mounted c/w Triple hose end holder installed front curbside of tank
  • Insulated cabinet on DS and toolbox on CS
  • Titan float level with display in cabinet
  • Cabinet Heater

Work lights are included and located:

  • Front of the tank – Mid height both sides and top of the tunnel
  • Rear of the tank – Top of the tunnel both sides
  • Cabinet – Worklight Mounted on Outrigger
  • All Work lights and cabinet heater switches are located in cab


  • Model: TC407
  • Reference Number: 13149
  • Capacity: 16,000 Litres
  • Compartments: One
  • Lighting: LED Work and Clearance Lights
  • Product Pump: 4″ T&E-110W series includes Steel gears
  • Valves: Flow Plus c/w teflon Seals, Air and Manual Actuated
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