SS304 Round TC407 Pressure Truck
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  • SS304 Round TC407 Pressure Truck

    SS304 Round TC407 Pressure Truck
    SS304 Round TC407 Pressure TruckSS304 Round TC407 Pressure TruckSS304 Round TC407 Pressure TruckSS304 Round TC407 Pressure Truck
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    This single axle pressure truck is includes a 2 compartment, TC407, SS304L Tank. The 3" plumbing comes with 2 sumps (1 per compartment) that exit the drivers side of the tank subframe into the cabinet. The low pressure plumbing includes 4" pump for high volume loading and unloading, a 2" bypass and a discharge with 2" and 3" connections. There are 2 separate 2" ventlines that exit the rear of the unit. Each ventline include an Air to spring exiting the tank and one manual valve at the end. Both ventlines are teed together so each line can access the scrubber All air switches are located inside the cabinet.

    The high pressure system includes a Prattisoli LK4515 plunger pump capable of pushing 218 litres per minute(57.6USGAL) @ 4060 psi(280 Bar) through 1" plumbing. A full metering system and analog pressure gauges are also included. Discharging the fluid is a hose reel with 100" of 1" chemical hose. All pumps and reels are rated for Methanol/solvent use. The hydraulic system can be operated from inside the truck cab or in the cabinet.

    The truck is equipped with:

    2 front tow hooks on bumper

    Rear chain hooks located at the rear of the unit

    3" and 2" U-hook flat bar hose holders, 2 per side fender mounted

    Curb Side and Driver Side toolboxes

    Digital Float level with display located inside the cabinet for both compartments

    Deck mounted fire extinguisher

    2 Deck Mounted bucket holder

    Deck mounted fuel can holder

    Driver Side ladder holder c/w foldable ladder

    Rear back up camera

    Work lights are included and located:

    Front of the tank:Top of the tunnel both sides and in the middle both sides

    Rear of the tank: Top of the tunnel both sides

    All Work lights and titan switches are located in cab of the truck


    • Model: TC407
    • Reference Number: 13433
    • Capacity: 3,000 Litres +/-, 2: 3,000 Litres +/-
    • Compartments: 2
    • Lighting: LED Work and Clearance Lights
    • Product Pump: 4" T&E, LK4515
    • Valves: Air to spring and Manual Actuated, Viton seals